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Book Proposals to the Series are Welcome

The series will publish both:

  • themed collections addressing key aspects of the social and cultural history of war and revolution in this period;
  • single-authored books.

For publication proposals we ask all interested authors to use the Palgrave form for the series. The proposal should include a clear statement of what was new about the volume.

Please send your proposal to one of the four editors


Information on the Series for Interested Authors and Editors:


Review Procedure

Proposals for Monographs

The proposal will be submitted to two readers, with at least one from the editorial board.

  • If the reports received are satisfactory, the series editors will accept the proposal and recommend that the author should be offered a contract, which would include the provision that publication would be subject to the review of the full manuscript by readers. Alternatively, readers may recommend revision and resubmission, or that the manuscript is not appropriate for this series.
  • The final manuscript will be sent again to two readers, with at least one from the editorial board.
  • At least one of the series editors will read each monograph, to check its coherence, structure and quality of presentation, and will moderate the reports received from the reviewers.
  • All books in the series will be professionally copy-edited and proofread as part of the standard production process of Palgrave.


Proposals for Edited Collections

Edited collections are welcomed, but if they are the result of a conference, they should not simply reflect conference proceedings, but have a clear focus and coherent themes. Editors submitting such proposals should be aware of the need to ensure a well-balanced volume, by commissioning articles where needed, and of course of their responsibility for the editing of such collections. The proposal should include abstracts from each paper.

  • The procedure for reviewing the initial proposal and the final manuscript will be exactly as above.